Investigating possible relationships between height and arm span

We used measuring tapes to find our statistics. We had to work together to measure each other carefully and keep it a fair test by making sure the tape was placed in the same position on each child. Ask us about the results we discovered…


Laurel wreaths (crowns) 

Today we learnt about the different crowns worn in Ancient Greek times. We learnt that Laurel wreaths were made out of bay leaves. We thought the bay leaves smelt “a bit strange.” We measured our heads (showing how excellent we are at team work!) and made our very own crowns.

Ancient Greek Vases

In art today we have been working further on our Ancient Greek vases.  The black paint that we applied last week had dried and today we were able to use a scratching technique to reveal the colours beneath.  They look very effective.

Visit to a recording studio

We were very lucky to have been invited to the music recording studio at QE school.  We sang our song ‘Happy’ in the studio and were accompanied by a base guitar, an acoustic guitar, drums and keyboard.  It sounded amazing! We hope to have a copy of the recording very soon. We want to say a really big thank you to the staff and students involved at QE.  This was a fantastic opportunity for the children.

Ancient Greek vases

In art today we have been creating designs for our Greek vases. We used wax crayons and black paint. Then, when they are dry, we are going to use a scratching technique to create our own designs.